Automotive Sanders and Sanding Blocks

From rough grinding to fine finish work, we have the sanding tool for you. No matter the need, we offer top of the line sanders and sanding supplies.

Automotive Tools

A job done right starts with the right tools. We carry top of the line automotive tools designed to help technicians complete the job faster, and do a more precise job. The brands we sell work to soften the day to day grind.

Body Fillers

We carry all your automotive body filling needs. Perfect for helping repair damaged body work and restoring an old vehicle.

Fasteners and Rivet Guns

In addition to carrying a wide variety of clips and fasteners, we also carry the following brands for their fasteners, rivets, and rivet guns.

Solvents and Removers

There isn’t a control + alt + delete button in real life, but sometimes you need one for working on vehicles. The solvent and remover brands we carry help you on your automotive projects. We work with products and companies on the cutting edge of chemistry to create the highest quality possible with their solvents and removers.

Refinishing Products

We are uniquely positioned to deliver the best refinishing solutions for auto body shops throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. To cover all your needs, we carry brands that specialize in fillers, putties, fiberglass repair, masking, paints, coatings, adhesives, truck bed liners, aerosols, abrasives, and accessory products.

Air Filters, Couplers, and Safety Products

We work with certified brands to provide the best quality air filters and couplers for your auto body shop. We carry top of the line personal protective equipment; eye and face, hand, body, respiratory and hearing protection, as well as first-aid kits, spill control, and traffic safety products.

Buffing and Polishing Products

We stock the best buffing and polishing products you need for your body shop. The brands we recommend will give your projects a glossy shine, and are made from either classic wool or foam.

Painting Supplies

Aside from your paint, the quality of your tools can affect the outcome of a vehicle’s finish. We carry a variety of products such as masking tape, mixing boards, respirators, and much more to help you achieve the best finish possible.

Automotive Shop Supplies

Day to day operations can’t continue in your body shop without the proper supplies. So we carry the must-have brands to keep your business well stocked and prepped for a hard day’s work.

Automotive Stands and Lifts

We offer the highest quality automotive stands for your body shop.  With high-grade materials to withstand the wear-and-tear of day-to-day use.


We offer top of the line steel, aluminum and plastic welders and their accompanying supplies.


Paint Spray Guns

We carry top of the line paint spray gun equipment, and sell paint spray gun equipment and accessories for the professional automotive refinishers.


We offer plastic body side moldings, wheel well moldings, door edge guard, step tread moldings, and custom extrusions for your car and truck.

Heat Guns and Accessories

Master Appliance serves the General Industrial, Commercial, Contractor, Electronics, Electrical Assembly, Automotive and other industries worldwide.

Windshield Urethane

Our trusted supplier of OEM approved windshield urethane and supplies.

Rustproofing Products

We carry POR-15 for their line of rust preventing coatings. It doesn’t chip, crack, or peel like ordinary paints do, and its hardness will resist the wear and tear of everyday life.

Collision Repair Equipment

We offer equipment that is the top choice of technicians that use these products every day.

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